AGE and members involved in mentoring across borders project

MAB group photo

MAB project team

AGE and two of its members – Hellas 50+ and Cyprus Third Age Observatory – participate in a new EU-funded project on mentoring across borders that was kicked-off in Brussels on 25-27 January 2023.

Mentoring Across Borders (MAB) aims to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people by developing an intergenerational, cross-border mentoring programme. This programme involves older, experienced people (mentors, 50+) and young mentees (18-30 year olds) at risk of marginalization.

The project will set up a European mentoring network with the help of a web-based Mentoring Platform, to facilitate the onboarding of participants and enable potential cross-country matching between mentors and mentees.

AGE will organize two information days targeted at all AGE members to inform them about the project and the mentoring methodology and activities. These info days are currently foreseen for July and August 2023. For organisations that have expressed interest in working with mentors, AGE will then organise two training events. The goal of these trainings will be to prepare the organisations to participate in the project’s mentoring activities.

Furthermore, AGE will lead advocacy and sustainability activities, promoting the proposed mentoring programme beyond the project duration.

For more information visit the project page on AGE’s website or contact

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