AGE and ERIO joint statement ‘The socio-economic discrimination of older Roma should be included in Roma integration strategies’

On the occasion of the International Roma Day, 8th April 2014 AGE and ERIO joined efforts and published a common statement aimed to guide Roma integration policies so that the issue of older Roma is not left out of the equation.

While acknowledging the importance of the existing European instruments, AGE and ERIO joint statement underlines the lack of a mainstreamed ageing dimension focused on older Roma within European and national-level policies and proposes specific recommendations in key areas of discrimination and exclusion of older Roma, including health, employment, education, housing, poverty reduction, participation and empowerment. Only a true life-course approach in designing, implementing and monitoring inclusion policies can result in an effective integration and improvement of the living conditions of older Roma.

Previous AGE-ERIO joint work on older Roma:

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