A major step towards affordable and quality long-term care for all in the EU

Brussels, 17 October

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AGE’s response to EC-SPC report on long-term care

A major step towards affordable and quality long-term care for all in the EU

Meeting on 17 October, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, AGE Platform Europe Council members expressed their support for the joint European Commission – Social Protection Committee R eport on ‘Adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society’ . AGE members now encourage national governments to take their responsibilities and implement the proposals included in the report together with European, national and local stakeholders .

The report brings a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by EU member States in light of Europe’s rapid demographic ageing and suggests innovative solutions to ensure a proactive, fair and sustainable response to these challenges and ensure access to affordable quality long-term care for all in the future. In today’s difficult social and economic context, the report also rightly links the debate on long-term care to the broader context of health, social inclusion and the realization of human rights in general.

While national governments are mainly responsible for organising, funding and providing long-term care, the report brings a very interesting reference framework to develop long-term care policies. It proposes innovative approaches, including age-friendly environments and integrated care to prevent dependency and support older persons when they experience limitations in their daily activities and need support. It recognises essential issues on long-term care such as support to quality and the recognition of the role of informal carers.

AGE made a concise analysis of the proposals and suggests additional actions to widen their impact at all levels. Our response suggests several additional actions that can be taken at EU and national level, such as the monitoring of the impact of cost reduction measures on older persons’ human rights, social and health assessment in all EU member States, specific action to fight elder abuse and measures to support the cooperation and involvement of all relevant stakeholders including older people’s organisations.

W e are very happy that the European Commission has already started to implement activities from the joint report and organized last week a conference on ‘Human rights of older people in need of long-term care’ with the European National Networks of Human Rights Institutions [1] (ENNRHI).

This issue will also be discussed in the session on social protection against the risk of long-term care dependency which is co-organised by the European Commission, AGE Platform Europe and EUROCARERS during the 4th Poverty Platform Convention on 20-21 November 2014.

[1] See EC-SPC joint report – ‘Suggestions of activities’

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