Work-life balance : AGE co-signs letter of civil society organisations to French President Macron

AGE is supporting the initiative of 50 other civil society organisations active at European and national levels, calling on French President Macron to take action in favour of the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on work-life balance.

The joint letter highlights the importance of provisions on carers’ leave and on the right to request flexible working arrangement – important arrangements to allow older people with care needs to stay in the labour market. It furthermore emphasizes that supporting the directive would be a strong signal for millions of EU citizens, in line with Mr Macron’s vision of a renewed enthusiasm for the European Union’s project. The economic benefits of improved reconciliation between work and family life and the important expected impact on gender equality are also highlighted.

AGE has been calling for long for the introduction of a European directive on carers’ leave, which would allow people whose family members are in need for care and support to remain in employment while caring for their relatives. The directive would be a first step towards a more global action to prepare our societies for demographic change, which should also include the development of affordable and person-centred long-term care services.

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