Work Better to Work Longer?

Quality of working life is key to a more resilient labour market. This statement was at the core of the discussions at the webinar organised as part of the Horizon Europe-funded FutuRes project on 27 June 2023. The event gathered eminent speakers from the academic and political communities, to debare life-course, retirement age, gender dimension, education inequalities and life-long learning, among others.


MEP Beatrice Covassi, WZB Berlin’s Jutta Allmendinger, Eurofound’s Massimiliano Mascherini, Bocconi’s Arnstein Aassve and Max Planck Society’s Ulrich Becker launched the debate on political discussions and solutions on the above issues, during one-hour online exchange.

Working better should be enabled at all ages. But in the perspective of raising the pension age, it is also important to consider how to work better and longer. The conversation underlined the complexity of the issues and the importance of resilient policy replies. It also stressed how issues such as social cohesion should remain a beacon amidst the technological and green transitions happening right now. These reflections will input on the macro- and micro-simulation models the project is developing to shape future policies for resilient ageing populations in Europe.

AGE is one of the project’s partners, working to strengthen the human rights’ perspective, the discourse against age discrimination and to consider a life-course approach to ageing.



Apolline Parel

Human Rights Officer

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