WeDO2 quality care training package and final conference: a huge step forward to spread the WeDO vision

Enthousiasm and positive mindset were fully part of the final event of WeDO2 on 18 June, as they were during the whole 2-year project. WeDO2 is a European learning partnership aiming to exchange practices among countries on the quality of long-term care and the rights of older people. The project partners also developed and tested together a train the trainer module on the quality of care, and elaborated strategies to use the quality care training package on the longer term.

The quality training package can be downloaded here. It is available in several languages.

The Final conference showcased the various experiences and practices exchanged during the project. The participants also had the opportunity to benefit from a live dancing session organised in the framework of the initiative ‘Wir tanzen wieder!‘ to link persons with dementia to dance.

The conference finally provided some examples of the steps forward taken to spread the ‘WeDO vision’. In Austria for example, the Ministry will allocate specific funding to train trainers in the 9 regions of Austria, having then a contact person in each region for the trainings. In Poland, the training is now used to organize sessions with children in schools, after its success in Lublin. In Belgium, the training will be part of the training of nurses and social workers.

WeDO stands for Wellbeing and Dignity of older people, and comes from a European project which created, on the basis of a participatory approach, a European quality framework for long-term care services. It is now becoming a movement across Europe, based on the quality framework and on the European Charter for the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of care and assistance.

For more information on the WeDO project and AGE’s work to promote quality care in later life, please contact Borja Arrue Astrain,

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