We need constructive MEPs to reestablish an Intergroup on ageing issues!


With the European Parliament starting a new term, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are now selecting the topics for which they will battle in the next five years. AGE Platform Europe is campaigning for a new Intergroup on Demographic change and Solidarity between generations in order to facilitate trans-party initiatives and debates linked to longer lives and the new generational mix composing our societies.

Why an Intergroup on ageing issues?

The rapid population ageing is a reality all across Europe, with various socio-economic implications. Living longer lives is shaping new societies: more generations are now living together with the challenge fo talking to each other, transfering knowledge, and caring for one another.

Public policies can no longer deny this age diversity and the changes it involves, be it in relation to access to goods and services, education and employment, the provision of health and care, civic and social participation, etc.

It requires that age is mainstreamed in policy development to ensure Europeans of any age have their rights protected and are given equal opportunities to contribute to society. It demands coherence between policy initiatives: how can older workers remain on the job if they cannot access vocational training? how can we remain healthy when age limits hinder the access to health services?

An Intergroup would facilitate the exchange of expertise and the development of common initiatives beyond political groups and European Parliament committees. AGE is calling on all MEPs convinced of the relevance of working proactively on the challenges related to population ageing to support our Intergroup proposal.

How can I support the Intergroup?

If you are an MEP willing to support the establishment of the Intergroup, you can sign this form and send it to our supporter MEP Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy) via internal mail. The secretariat of AGE is also available to meet you in Brussels to present the Intergroup proposal and the cooperation avenues we have identified for the next term. To organise a meeting, please contact Estelle.huchet@age-platform.eu.

Intergroup_flyer_cover If you are an older persons’ organisation, a partner of AGE, or a citizen, you are welcome to campaign with us for the reestablishment of the Intergroup. AGE puts at your disposal material to explain the purpose of the Intergroup, the achievements of the past Intergroups, and to collect signatures. DO not hesitate to contact Estelle for any query!

Read our flyer for more information on this Intergroup

For further information, visit our EP blog or our Intergroup dedicated web page

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