User Empowerment Mutual Learning Seminar

User Empowerment

A Mutual Learning Seminar dedicated to the involvement of older people and their carers

In the light of the ENGAGED project, aiming at linking the work on the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) in a broader and broadening network of stakeholders, AGE would like to invite you to join in a mutual learning workshop devoted to the involvement of users, intended as botholder people and as carers (both informal and informal carers).

The workshop is based on the direct engagement of the audience via three interactive tables devoted to:

1. The benefits of user involvement.

This round table will highlight good practices and lessons learnt when engaging with older people and carers; the session will investigate the benefits of user involvement, as well as the challenges that it embeds, in order to shape a toolkit meant to provide further guidance on the topic.

2. Developping a toolkit on user empowerment

This very practical session will aim at providing the key elements of a guidance document, building on past experiences while looking at the future of user engagement.

3. Understanding users

How can we really use the experience coming from the users? How can we better understand and involve them in both research and decision-making practices?

The event will run from 2.00PM till 5.00PM on Wednesday 23 October 2013 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

If interested in joining for providing your insights in the round table you feel you could contribute, do not hesitate to contact Ilenia Gheno.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered (thanks for checking this first with the project

Here you are the seminar’s agenda. For registering, please have a look to the invitation document.

Information on the venue are available here.

I hope you can make it on October 23rd in Eindhoven!

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