UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing : Help us strengthen older people’s rights worldwide !

The 14th session of the UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) will take place between 20-24th May 2024 in New York. It will is a critical time for civil society to maintain pressure for the adoption of a convention so that we can all age with rights. Together let’s make history!

This year’s OEWG session will focus on two new focus areas, namely :

  • Accessibility, infrastructure and habitat (transport, housing and access)
  • Participation in the public life and in decision-making processes

In addition, the OEWG will discuss normative content for the development of a possible international standard on the protection of the rights of older people, on the following focus areas:

  • Social Inclusion
  • Right to Health and Access to Health Services

Registrations are open for civil society organisations (NGOs) until 10 May

A call for input on the above topics is open until 12th April 2024. To reply to this call, you need to be accredited to the OEWG (see below).

Get accreditation to the OEWG

All NGOs with an interest in older people’s rights can accredit to the OEWG process. Accreditation gives your organisation official standing in the OEWG process, which could be influential in your national level advocacy. If your organisation is accredited you will be able to respond to the UN calls for submissions and other consultation opportunities related to the process. Even if you are unable to attend the OEWG meetings in New York, you can still submit documentation that will be displayed on the official OEWG website.

The call for applications for NGO accreditation to the OEWG is open until 1 April 2024. The link to the application form is now available on the official website. Application for accreditation is a free and simple process requiring you to fill out an online form.

Join the Global Rally

We invite you to join the Global Rally, organized by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) ahead of the OEWG. This key initiative is part of the Age With Rights campaign for a UN convention. This year it will take place over one week from 8th – 14th April 2024. We encourage our members and partners to plan and organise events and activities, however small, and be part of this global mobilisation. 

As governments enter into negotiations ahead of the next UN meeting in New York about how best to address the gaps in the protection and promotion of older people’s rights, let’s make sure they hear us and make this year’s Rally the biggest yet!  

Share & sign GAROP petition

If you have not already done so, make sure that you sign and share GAROP petition urging World Leaders to start drafting a UN convention without delay so that we can all Age with Rights.

We thank you for your support!



Nena Georgantzi

Human Rights Manager

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