Towards a EU Strategy on Demographic Change: AGE position for the hearing of the candidate EC President

Together with climate change, demographic change is one of the major challenges facing our European societies and an area where huge opportunities for economic growth, innovation and social justice can be developed in the coming decade. In that context, AGE Platform Europe would like to call on the President of the new College of Commissioners, who will have the power to reinforce the implementation of the European 2020 Strategy, to ensure fair and sustainable growth and prosperity of European citizens at every stage of life.

With the support of other European Social NGOs, AGE has drafted proposals for questions prior to the hearing of the candidate for the European Commission Presidency. Those questions – available here – refer to the development of an EU Strategy on Demographic Change, which would coordinate policies in the following key areas:

  • European Semester
  • Fundamental rights
  • Internal Market
  • Regional policy

We hope our questions will be taken into consideration for the preparation of the hearing since we strongly believe that fostering a fairer, more inclusive and age-friendly European Union is an effective way to address the demographic change in Europe.

For more information on this position, please contact Ophélie Durand, ophelie.durand@age-platform.euThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>

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