The various facets of prevention: AGE intervention to Ageing Wealth

The European conference “Ageing Wealth: from cradle to ageing well perspectives in chronic diseases healthcare management. Investigating alternative paths” took place in one of the Italian bio-medical district, Mirandola, close to Bologna (Italy). It focused on services, technologies and innovative solutions to improve healthcare management and living conditions of patients affected by chronical and rare diseases. AGE Platform Europe was invited as a speaker to the event, in order to tackle the key topic of prevention for independent living and integrated life for older persons.

Prevention has however many facets. Prevention is for instance research, and contributing to research. Among the highlights, Ilenia Gheno, who represented AGE in this occasion, presented the research carried out by the DOREMI project and its work to monitor early signs of unhealthy dietary needs, sedentarity and cognitive decline, which are the main causes of premature death.

To the same extent, she stressed on the concept of prevention in the shape of advocacy. In that regard, Ilenia introduced the AFE-INNOVNET thematic network and approach to age-friendly environments. Such a campaign paves the way for more inclusive and friendly communities that potentially can allow everyone to age in better conditions and not to suffer from the hindrances hidden by the current build environments, technological solutions, transport modes, ….

Last, prevention means also to make other aware of risks and opportunities. Raising awareness enables users and citizens to take informed decisions and to make the better choices on their health and lifestyles. In this respect, Ilenia presented the HAIVISIO project, and the synergies alike to be built for dealing with common barriers in research and awareness raising. The project explores path and challenges to develop useful recommendation for ICT for ageing well and to encourage projects to pool together to both overcome common difficulties and share complementary assets.

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