The FrailSafe Technical System in a Video!

Frailsafe-youtubeVideo2019 Many health specialists often compare frailty to a popular game called Jenga. The aim is to pull out one block at a time from the tower until the structure is too fragile to remain standing. As we grow older, our body does not recover as quickly as before and each infection, fall or hospital admission can be represented by one missing block on the Jenga tower, weakening the whole structure until it eventually collapses. As each and every one of us age differently, with different genes and lifestyles, detecting the point of no return becomes extremely difficult. To better understand where this point lies and how to delay it, a European partnership of nine partners from six countries decided to join forces to achieve that by developing an innovative technological system that supports traditional medical assessments.

FrailSafe is a technological system developed by clinical and technological partners, which uses aggregated measurements of physiological, cognitive and psycho-social variables of an older person. These measurements collected through different sensors are fed into a prediction engine that provides the user and other stakeholders with feedback, alerts, incentives, and suggestions for personalized interventions. The goal is to predict certain critical clinical parameters, such as transition of frailty level and hard health outcomes.

Want to know more on FrailSafe? Have a look at this video

The project results will be presented at the Final Conference on 3 April in Brussels. You can register here.

Learn more about AGE’s involvement in FrailSafe

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