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Human rights should not diminish with age” was the motto of the #AgeingEqual campaign. Kicked-off in 2018, this global effort to raise awareness of ageism is taking a new turn in 2019. This October, the campaign will give a platform to those older campaigners who lead the change towards age equality.

It is no longer a secret that older persons are millions across Europe. What remains rather unknown though, is the active role many of them play in shaping the society of tomorrow. Among them are indefatigable volunteers, life-long activists and enthusiastic advocates of many causes.

One-week campaign, a worldwide movement

This year, the #AgeingEqual campaign will bring under the spotlight the many older campaigners that are relentlessly striving for age equality. Between 30th September and 6th October, all citizens, associations, and partners are invited to echo the brilliant initiatives flourishing across Europe to ensure equality at all ages.

At the same time in the global south, older persons will also mobilise for equality as part of HelpAge International’s campaign “Age Demands Action”. Both AGE and HelpAge’s campaigns are echoing the theme picked by the United Nations to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons: “A Journey to Age Equality”.

Age equality needs mobilisation!

AgeingEqual_campaign2019-toolkit-cover You would like to join the movement and organize a public campaign action? Have a look at our toolkit and find some guidance, tips and materials to support your action.

Every day, AGE will release blog posts on sharing the stories of older adults devoted to shape later lives that give equal opportunities.

You have heard of vivid groups of old advocates or you know passionate supporters of the fight against ageism? You are a member of one of these groups yourself? You want to contribute to the 2019 #AgeingEqual campaign? Download our campaign toolkit and tell us how you fight for age equality so we can post your story and inspire others!

You can participate by:

Read more about our #AgeingEqual campaign

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