Senior Tourism: EC questionnaire

17 September 2013

The EC is launching the senior tourism initiative “Europe, the best destination for seniors”, aiming specifically at increasing flows of senior tourists, in particular during the low and medium seasons, between European countries and/or from third countries, by building upon actions undertaken at transnational, national and regional level, and facilitating the exchange of good practices between public and private stakeholders.

To this aim, the Tourism Policy Unit (DG Enterprise) is gathering information regarding actions and projects targeting senior tourism by addressing Member States, the industry, as well as associations, federations and other organisations working in the senior field.

Any information on the existing experiences at all levels would be interesting and useful.

A questionnaire has been made available: the first part should be fill out and return the first part by 4 October and the second part by 31 October.

Questionnaire: WORD

Accompanying Letter: PDF

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