Reducing Older People’s Deaths on European Roads

This report from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) explores how to improve road safety for older people in Europe.

Part I of this report delves into the most recent data regarding road deaths among older people. It highlights disparities among countries but also assesses the road safety of older individuals compared to the general population, while also examining specific road user groups and gender disparities.

Part II of this report explores key measures aimed at reducing risks for older road users, encompassing strategies that address behaviour, infrastructure, and vehicle safety. Alongside considerations for older car drivers, such as fitness to drive and training, this section also scrutinises ways to enhance the safety of older cyclists and pedestrians. Measures like reducing speed limits, implementing 30km/h zones, establishing secure pedestrian crossings, and maintaining high-quality footpaths all play pivotal roles in enhancing road safety for older individuals.

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