Questionnaire on how man and machine can work together in health and social care

survey icon2SmartSocietyProject logoThe European research project SmartSociety wants to produce a set of services for citizens in the health and social care area. For this aim, they are interested in investigating with users some key aspects of the project regarding this topic and collecting important feedback for the creation of an infrastructure that could be useful and efficient in the future.

In particular they turn to the three following categories of users in health and social care:

  • Service users: patients and social care service users
  • Carers: not health or care professionals with a certain level of expertise, such as friends, familiars, paid carers, etc.
  • Professionals: nurses, doctors, social workers, housing specialists, etc.

We would like to kindly ask you to circulate the following survey among your contacts that belong to one of the above categories, in order to help us with this study.

Follow this link to access the questionnaire:

We thank you for your support!

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