Smart for Democracy and Diversity

> Theme: human rights and digital technology

> Timeline: December 2020 – July 2023 (scheduled)

> Keywords: democracy, diversity, participation, racism, hate speech, interactive learning


The “Smart for Democracy and Diversity” (SDD) ERASMUS+ project intends to promote shared values, equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination through a digital learning approach. The integrated project approach further aims to establish sustainable links between organisations active in education, the welfare sector and policy-making including the local and regional level.

In order to achieve the project objectives, four key tasks will be carried out. They form different components for an integrated training offer but can be also used independently from each other:

  1. Compendium “Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies, and Interventions” – looking at the world with the eyes of persons who experience hate speech.
  2. Interactive learning : learning game, which will give the player a multimedia interactive access to the topic; tested and probed in a Blended Learning Mobility
  3. Workshop curriculum and trainer manual: handbook will contain a workshop concept suitable for the game
  4. Fighting racism and hate speech: Recommendations for political decision-makers, associations and lobby-groups

To ensure a broad outreach to different countries, all materials will be translated into Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

AGE involvement

AGE will contribute to the compendium “Experiencing hate speech”, peer review the game and learning platform and provide examples of measures at political and association level to fight racism and hate speech. AGE will be responsible for the translation of materials into French and also liaise with European policy-makers and organize a multiplier event foreseen in Brussels towards the end of the project.

Involved AGE staff:  Apolline Parel, 


  • Coordinator: ISIS GmbH, Germany
  • Univerzita Karlova, Czechia
  • Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, Germany
  • AFEDEMY – Academy on age-friendly environments in Europe BV, Netherlands
  • LUNARIA associazione di promozione sociale e impresa sociale, Italy
  • SHINE2EUROPE, LDA, Portugal
  • AGE Platform Europe, Belgium

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