PROGRESSIVE logo > Theme: ICT standardisation

> Timeline: October 2016 – September 2018

> Key words: standards, standardisation, ICT, active and healthy ageing, age-friendly environments, smart homes, assistive technologies, eHealth


PROGRESSIVE is an EU-funded project focusing on the standardisation needs in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) for active and healthy ageing (AHA). Project partners come from Germany (Koblenz), Italy (Roma, Sant’Ambrogio di Torino), the Netherlands (Delft), Spain (Madrid) and the UK (Leicester and Milton Keynes) and are involved either in standardisation processes or in the inclusion of older adults.

The aim of the project is to set in place a dynamic and sustainable framework where the contribution of standards and standardisation for ICT can be maximised for active and healthy ageing. In a context of an ageing population, the project will intent to increase older people’s engagement and inclusion in standardisation process as well as offer new ways of thinking to improve the impact and influence of standards.

The project will cover four domains linked to Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA):

  1. Age Friendly Communities,
  2. Reformed and Empowering Services,
  3. Accessible, Affordable and Supportive Homes,
  4. Active, Healthy and Empowered Older People.

Final outcomes

The project envisages 8 main Milestones:

  • The organisation of a Project Standardisation Forum in Brussels
  • The release of five reports:
    • Standards and Good Practice around ICT for AHA
    • Interoperability Profiles for Use Cases in different ICT and service contexts
    • Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA for Age Friendly Communities
    • Guidelines for the Co-production of Standards around Age Friendly and Smart Environment
    • Guidelines / Roadmap for Standards around ICT for AHA for Smart Homes that are age-friendly
  • The organisation of a Brussels-based event for the launch of guidelines
  • The registration of a Forum for European AHA Standards

AGE involvement

The role of AGE in the consortium is to ensure the engagement of relevant stakeholders in the frame of a consultation process (setting up a consultation database and determining frameworks for consultation). This consultation will permit draft iterations of three key project deliverables, i.e. the interoperability profiles, age-friendly guidelines and guidelines for the co-production of standards.



  • Deutsches Institut fuer Normung E.V (DIN)


  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (CNR)
  • Associazione di Normazione Informatica (UNINFO)


  • Stichting Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN)


  • Asociacion Española de Normalizacion y Certificacion (AENOR)

United Kingdom

  • De Montfort University (coordinator)
  • The Open University

European Union

  • AGE Platform Europe (AGE)
  • European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL)
  • Telehealth Quality Group EEIG

Useful links

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