The main target user group of OASIS is the older people who experience mild cognitive and physical impairments due to ageing. While in most cases these people are able to lead independent and active lives,  at the same time they are at the risk of exclusion due to the slight cognitive and physical deteriorations that they are experiencing, as well as the complexity and lack of utility, accessibility and usability of ICT.

oasislogoTo face up to these risks, the OASIS project has been launched on January 2008, which is an Integrated Project with the scope to revolutionise the interoperability, quality, breadth and usability of services for all daily activities of older people.

More specifically, OASIS targets to utilise ICT and other key technologies in order to provide holistic services to older people to support their physical and psychological independence, stimulate their social or psychological engagement and foster their emotional well being.

In doing so, OASIS thus addresses key areas of their activities encompassing: independent living and socialising, autonomous mobility, and flexible work-ability.

This project has a duration of four years, and the OASIS Consortium is composed of 33 Partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom). Large Industries, SMEs, Universities, Research Centres, Non-Profit Organizations, Public Organizations and Healthcare Centres are also represented.

For more information, please contact  Ilenia Gheno  and Nena Georgantzi

Project number: 215754
Project acronym: OASIS
Project full title: OASIS – Open Architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation
Starting date: 1 January 2008
Duration: 4 years
OASIS is a large scale integrated project partly financed by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme – ICT and Ageing).

OASIS Final User Forum and Scientific Advisory Board meeting – Milan, 15-16 November 2011

After 4 years of activities, the OASIS project is coming to the end. To outline the main outcomes of the project, a final User Forum was organized in Italy, providing the opportunity to the technical partners of oasis to present the project’s outcomes and engage in discussions with the beneficiaries of the project: older people, their carers and experts in user needs. The OASIS User Forum took place on Tuesday 15th November, and started with a PLENARY meeting at the library of Buscate. Local officials were present (such as the major of Buscate, local service providers, etc.) and expressed their appreciation for the work conducted by the project consortium. The event gathered 80 participants from all over Europe and beyond (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, USA, Japan, Czech republic, Malta, etc.) and gave the invited beneficiaries and stakeholders the opportunity to test the OASIS applications and their online training modules, touching and using the devices and services developed by the project, discussing with the developers about their functions and potentials, and providing their final feedback. The next day, the Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place, involving a board of international experts, gathering their views and further advice on the applications, their interoperability and the possibilities deployment of OASIS beyond the project.

These events were successfully concluded, and have been captured in below videos and pictures gallery.

Interview with OSIS project coordinator Silvio Bonfiglio (FIMI)

Interview with participants to the OASIS Final User Forum and Scientific Advisory Board meeting:

Prof. William Mann (USA)

Todor Tankov (Bulgaria), OASIS coordinator

Mary Panou (Greece), CERTH-HIT Technical manager

Margaret Durie (UK)

Angelo Agius (National Association of Pensioners Malta)

Enea Lange (Italy)

Marianne Seger (EURAG – Germany)

Despina Kanellopoulou (Greece)

Claudiu Amza (Romania)

WolfgangPutz (Germany)

Junzo Kashihara (Japan)

Nadezhda Todorovska (BG Red Cross)

Ana Maria Navarro Cerda (ITACA)

Mr Oldrich Stanek (ZIVOT 90 – Czech Republic)

For more information on the OASIS project, please visit the project webpage or contact Ilenia Gheno at ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu

OASIS 3rd USER FORUM and Scientific ADVISORY BOARD – Valencia, September 13th 2010

The OASIS Project. foresees the organization of User Fora to let older people dialogue with applications’ developers: this one-day meeting addressed to local, national and European experts in the field of ICT, Universal Design and Health.

This year the User Forum took place in Valencia, hosted by the technical partner ITACA and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, on September 13 in the morning, according to this agenda.

The afternoon was dedicated to the Scientific Advisory Board, according to the agenda: OASIS experts discussed the overall project architecture and provided advice on the next steps of the project.

Please contact Ilenia Gheno and Nena Georgantzi for any additional information.

OASIS 1st International Conference

If you wish to contribute to the project discussions and provide inputs and feedbacks at European and International level, the OASIS 1st International Conference offers the opportunity to get involved.
Would you like to discuss on how to support holistically the independent living and mobility of the elderly across Europe?
Are you keen on what primary needs, concerns and expectations from the technologies and services are arising from older people and their families/carers?

These topics, and much more, are to be presented in Florence, in the OASIS 1st International Conference on November 4th and 5th, 2009.
After the 1st half-day Plenary Session, the Conference will be structured in parallel sessions, open to the contributions from a variety of stakeholders from across Europe and beyond, and will host an exhibition area for displaying and presenting services and products.

The conference welcomes high quality contributions and calls for papers and poster presentations. Please consider that the deadline for Abstracts is Friday July 17, 2009; Communication of Abstracts Acceptance on August 28, 2009. The Deadline for full paper is October 2, 2009. The OASIS project will award two prizes, one for the best student paper received and one for the best paper from developing countries. Each prize will consist of a financial grant of 1.000 € and an awarded certificate. If you wish to apply for this award, please indicate this with your abstract submission.

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