OASIS – Project overview and conclusions



OASIS – Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation 

Project number: 215754
Project acronym: OASIS
Project full title: OASIS – Open Architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation
Starting date: 1 January 2008 ended in December 2012.
Duration: 4 years
OASIS was a large scale integrated project partly financed by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme – ICT and Ageing).

Website: https://www.oasis-project.eu/


  • The main target user group of OASIS were people who experience mild cognitive and physical impairments due to ageing. While in most cases these people are able to lead independent and active lives,  at the same time they are at the risk of exclusion due to the slight cognitive and physical deteriorations that they are experiencing, as well as the complexity and lack of utility, accessibility and usability of ICT.
  • To face up to these risks, more specifically, OASIS aimed to provide holistic services to older people to support their physical and psychological independence, stimulate their social or psychological engagement and foster their emotional well being.
  • In doing so, OASIS thus addressed key areas of their activities encompassing: independent living and socialising, autonomous mobility, and flexible work-ability.
  • The OASIS Consortium was composed of 33 Partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom). Large Industries, SMEs, Universities, Research Centres, Non-Profit Organizations, Public Organizations and Healthcare Centres were represented.

Project’s conclusions

The overall OASIS architecture can be grasped by watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOme8Qa-s9U 
After 4 years of activities, a final User Forum was organized in Italy, providing the opportunity to the technical partners of OASIS to present the project’s outcomes and engage in discussions with the beneficiaries of the project: older people, their carers and experts in user needs. The OASIS User Forum took place on Tuesday 15th November, and started with a PLENARY meeting at the library of Buscate. Local officials were present (such as the major of Buscate, local service providers, etc.) and expressed their appreciation for the work conducted by the project consortium. The event gathered 80 participants from all over Europe and beyond (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, USA, Japan, Czech republic, Malta, etc.) and gave the invited beneficiaries and stakeholders the opportunity to test the OASIS applications and their online training modules, touching and using the devices and services developed by the project, discussing with the developers about their functions and potentials, and providing their final feedback. The next day, the Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place, involving a board of international experts, gathering their views and further advice on the applications, their interoperability and the possibilities deployment of OASIS beyond the project.

These events were successfully concluded, and have been captured in below videos and pictures gallery.


Interview with OSIS project coordinator Silvio Bonfiglio (FIMI)

Interview with participants to the OASIS Final User Forum and Scientific Advisory Board meeting:
For more information on the OASIS project, please visit the project webpage or contact Ilenia Gheno at ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu




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