NESTORE Project Vertical Logo > Theme: healthy ageing, personalised coaching

> Timeline: September 2017 – August 2020

> Key words: active and healthy ageing, ICT, digital health, virtual coaching


As the mythological Nestor, NESTORE is an innovative coach that aims to accompany people as they age by offering personalised advices and support decision-making so that we can maintain our wellbeing and extend the number of years we live independently.

Technically speaking, NESTORE’s ambitious objective is to develop an innovative, multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary and personalized coaching system that, leveraging ICT social connectivity, will support older adults by encouraging them to become co-producers of their wellness. The NESTORE system will operate into the physical and virtual domains through tangible objects and sensors, as well as software and apps enabling monitoring and coaching.

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NESTORE methodology is based on co-design principles. While reasons for non-acceptance of health technologies are complex, co-design can help better understand the broader physical and social environments in which services and technologies will be accessed.

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AGE involvement

The role of AGE in the consortium is to ensure the engagement of relevant stakeholders in the frame of a Forum of Advisory Stakeholders that will meet regularly over the course of the project to provide guidance to project partners and ensure the views of potential end users of the NESTORE coach are taken on board. AGE is also in charge of disseminating the project news and results to a wide audience, using lay language to ensure the accessibility of all aspects of the project and give possibility to all citizens to provide feedback.


The NESTORE consortium is composed of 16 partners from 8 European countries, namely: Belgium (1), Italy (5), Netherlands (2), Romania (1), Spain (3), Switzerland (2) and the United Kingdom (2). All partners have excellent experience and capabilities to achieve the objectives of the NESTORE project. The consortium has a very strong research component with 7 universities and 2 research institutions covering all key research fields addressed in NESTORE.

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