MEDIATE Final conclusions

 Mediate – Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe

Project number: 218684
Project acronym: MEDIATE
Project full title: Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe
Starting date: 1 December 2008 Ended in 2010.
Duration: 24 Months
MEDIATE was a Coordination Action (CA) within the 7th Framework Programme, Theme SST-2007-3.1-01 New mobility concepts for passengers ensuring accessibility for all.

The and websites are unfortunately no longer maintained. The Good Practice Guide is available for download at the end of this page.

Many European cities and governments have established impressive transport systems for citizens. How accessible these systems are to different commuter segments in reality is an issue worth debating.

The EU-funded MEDIATE (Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe) project developed different tools to help cities and transport operators upgrade accessibility to urban public transport.

From physically challenged travellers to older people, MEDIATE investigated a number of issues to promote inclusion. Work began with a review of relevant initiatives and methodological approaches that describe and measure accessibility to public transport. Project partners created a set of common European indicators for measuring the accessibility of urban public transport.

These indicators allow for a shared understanding between various European and local stakeholders. Researchers developed a self-assessment tool that assists stakeholders in assessing transport system strengths and weaknesses and defining appropriate actions. They produced a guide that presents 27 good practice examples of implemented measures from 15 European countries in 9 key areas of policy, planning and practice.

The MEDIATE team also designed a platform that provides end-user experiences and input at European level from the disabled, the elderly and other relevant groups who face barriers when using public transport. Long term, the platform aims to help end users monitor and provide advice on the accessibility of public transport within European projects and beyond.

MEDIATE contributed to developing a more inclusive urban transport system that offers improved access for all. Tools and recommendations will most certainly help design better transport systems and fine-tune existing ones, raising the number of commuters considerably. End users, cities, communities, economies, job markets and the environment all stand to benefit.

The MEDIATE Good Practice Guide is available here:

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