i-PROGNOSIS logo > Theme: Parkinson’s disease early detection and interventions

> Timeline: February 2016 – January 2020

> Key words: health, ICT, digital health



i-PROGNOSIS aimed to develop an application for smartphone and smartwatch to early detect Parkinson’s disease.


Application for smartphone and smartwatch: the i-Prognosis app was developed and made available on the app stores of Germany, Portugal, UK, Spain, Austria, Greece and Australia. The data captured through the natural use of the phone and smartwatch was used to develop a model to capture as early as possible, the appearance of Parkison’s Disease symptoms, notably in relation to progressive frailty, falls and emotional shift towards depression.


The project also developed serious games to improve the quality of life of patients and when relevant, the participants were proposed to use them in close partnership with their doctors.


In this project, AGE Platform Europe represents the users and will contribute with its expertise on user participation and the interaction of older persons with new technologies. AGE is also coordinating the dissemination and communication around the project, in particular by setting up the i-PROGNOSIS Community.

AGE involvement

AGE Platform Europe represented the users and contributed its expertise on user participation and the interaction of older persons with new technologies. AGE also coordinated the dissemination and communication around the project, in particular by setting up the i-PROGNOSIS Community.



Vera Hörmann

Project Officer

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