GoAct is a Grundvig project for raising awareness on the importance of the dialogue between generations, calling on insights from experts, policy suggestions, adult education, media coverage, and initiating an information campaign about ageing.

The project GoAct aims to:

  • raise awareness of policy-makers, persons dealing with educational planning, academics and umbrella organisations as well as the general public on the importance of lifelong learning in ageing processes,
  • change the common image of elderly people and ageing in Europe through educational means and awareness raising (inclusion of journalists),
  • transfer knowledge, methods and good practice for intergenerational learning from project supported under the four main Actions of the LLP, and
  • develop ideas for innovative approaches to intergenerational learning.

The project will in particular focus on:

  1. intergenerational learning in adult education
  2. intergenerational learning in working life
  3. intergenerational learning in early years education
  4. intergenerational learning in intercultural contexts

It foresees five main outcomes:

1. Position paper. A paper with an introduction explaining the policy and demographic context, followed by four short papers on the topics listed above.

2. Workshop day, for scientists, practitioners and selected project representatives.  Each workshop will discuss and refine the relevant section of the position paper and prepare views on next steps forward the development on their topic.

3. Conference, bringing together the practitioners and scientists with policymakers, managers and stakeholders.

4. Network. A network of individuals and stakeholders working in the field of intergenerational learning.

5. Strategy for intergenerational learning, will be the final outcome of the project, drawing on the findings of the workshop day and the conference, and discussions through the network.

In this project, AGE will provide inputs on the topics of intergenerational learning and will contribute to the drafting of the position paper and strategy. It will also contribute to the organisation of the conference on intergeneration learning.


GoAct Conference:

On 17-18 June, GoAct will organise four workshops  in Brussels:

  1. intergenerational learning in adult education
  2. intergenerational learning in working life and the workplace
  3. intergenerational learning in early years education (broadly involving children aged 3-10)
  4. intergenerational learning in intercultural context

Please click here to read the invitation and programme of the conference.

Call for Projects:
In the framework of this project, a call for projects on intergenerational learning has been launched. The call has the purpose to create a collection and publication of successful approaches on ageing and intergenerational solidarity in the four fields tackled by GO-ACT.

For further information :

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