The ELDERS project looks at restructuring and the condition of older workers during restructuring processes with a particular focus on psychosocial aspects and stress, taking into account the statistical and legal aspects and analyzing the process of social involvement of older workers, collective agreements, and information and training policies.

The overall focus of the project is on the private sector, although specific reference to restructuring process taking place in the public sector may also be made. The project’s research group concentrates on those sectors most affected by restructuring processes and/or changes in work organisation, as well as the deterioration in working conditions in the countries of analysis. Their analysis takes national and regional specificities into careful consideration as well as the fact that restructuring at sectoral level takes varying forms. The need to ensure comparability of results at European level is also being taken into account. Furthermore, the research group is particularly focusing on the condition of older workers in the following contractual relationships: part-time work, temporary work and self-employment.

The final goal of this research is the identification of recommendations and good practices (at least 3 for each country). A general piece of research on the international framework by Prof. Malcolm Sargeant and Dr Matthew Flynn (Middlesex University, UK) is also being conducted.

A series of national seminars is being organised and a final international conference will take place in Brussels on 18 November 2010 in which AGE will participate.

Please click on the following link for the first ELDERS newsletter: https://www.adapt.it/acm-on-line/Home/BollettinoAdapt/Speciale/docCat2March2010n7.1973.1.100.1.html.

AGE Platform Europe is a supporting partner. For more details about AGE’s involvement, contact Rachel Buchanan, Policy Officer for Employment and Non-discrimination at rachel.buchanan@age-platform.eu.

The project leader is ADAPT – Association for International and Comparative Studies in Labour Law and Industrial Relations (Italy), www.adapt.it. For more specific information about the ELDERS project, please contact the project coordinators: Prof. Michele Tiraboschi at tiraboschi@unimore.it> or Dr. Maria Giovannone at maria.giovannone@alice.it.

 New publication:

Occupation safety and health (OSH) risk factors for older workers: an international review, edited by Matthew Flynn, Maria Giovannone and Malcolm Sargeant

Link to information on national seminars:

Final report of ELDERS project

Please also find attached the final report of the ELDERS project.

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