Dreamlike Neighbourhood

> Theme: Social inclusion

> Timeline: January 2021 – Dec 2023 (24 months)

> Keywords: supportive neighbourhood, local communities, social inclusion, participation, volunteering, civic engagement, life-long learning


Research shows that people with strong social connections live longer, have better mental health, improved physical health and are happier. Therefore, to support the increasing number of older people living alone to age in an active and healthy way and remain part of their community, the project will establish and test neighbourhood training groups. 8 to 12 neighbourhood training groups will be established, involving up to 180 older people in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

Older and very old people will meet regularly and support each other in (re-)identifying and bringing in their talents, fulfilling their dreams, sharing challenges of everyday life and finding ways to actively contribute to their communities.

The project will encourage face-to-face contacts with people who live within 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from each other to (i) build mutual supportive networks; (ii) take control of their own life and find solutions for everyday challenges (in the sense of entrepreneurship); (iii) extend their individual networks; and (iv) find creative ways of expressing their perspectives and ideas.

AGE involvement

In the research phase of the project, AGE will support the partners in providing EU good practice examples that promote the participation of very old people, valuing their talents and a reflection on (necessary) supportive structures and frameworks in organizations, institutions and services.

Taking advantage of its broad network, AGE will also disseminate any relevant results about the dreamlike neighbourhood project. Finally, AGE will organise the final event back to back with a statutory meeting where AGE members’ representatives will be invited to learn more about the results.

Involved AGE staff

Ilenia Gheno: ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu


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