COVID resilience

Theme: long-term care, advocacy

Timeline: from November 2020 to November 2023

Keywords: long-term care, resilience, advocacy


Strengthening resilience of older persons and persons with disabilities regarding poverty, long-term care, elder abuse and domestic violence, and mental health in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia)

Target groups:

  • Older persons and persons with disabilities: These two groups will be recognised as both the recipients of tailor-made assistance related to the COVID-19 epidemic and the negative effects of the response (addressing their social, economic, health and mental health needs) and the valuable participants in the intervention ensuring the assistance is well targeted and implemented to reach those who are the most vulnerable in these populations.
  • Civil society organisations and networks in the partner countries: 5 CSO networks constituting of at least 70 CSOs in the partner countries have been selected because they have well established and functioning structures and are actively engaging their members on relevant issues concerning older persons.
  • 25+ public institutions and policy makers will be engaged and consulted with throughout the project period to enable and improve dialogue and partnerships between CSOs and governments

Expected outcomes

  1. Mental health: review psycho-social support measures during the first wave of Covid and provide training to volunteers and staff for future psychological first aid and psycho-social support
  2. Relief/Cash and voucher assistance to older people and people with disabilities
  3. Strengthening local communities: Grass-roots microprojects to increase social inclusion and participation of older persons and persons with disabilities at community level
  4. Public policy: recommendations on how to improve long term care services, trainings on advocacy for policy change and dissemination


  • Red Cross of Serbia,
  • Austrian Red Cross,
  • Albanian Red Cross,
  • Albanian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontologists,
  • Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Association for Help and Development HAJDE,
  • Red Cross of Montenegro,
  • Union of the Blind of Montenegro,
  • Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia,
  • Association Humanity,
  • Caritas Kosova,
  • National Organisation of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia,
  • SeConS Development Initiative,
  • AGE Platform Europe,
  • European Disability Forum

AGE involvement

AGE together with the European Disability Forum will provide two trainings for civil society network in the region on

  • Engaging with policy makers and advocating for policy change in the process of EU accession
  • Strengthening advocacy networks

More information

Website: will be online soon




Human Rights Officer



Vera Hörmann

Project Officer


Apolline Parel

Human Rights and Project Officer

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