CARESS logo > Theme: Vocational Education and Training of Home Care Professionals

> Timeline: November 2015 – October 2018

> Key words: long-term care, home care, social care, vocational education and training


CARESS is an Erasmus+ project focussing on vocational education and training of home care professionals in Europe. Project partners come from Spain (Valladolid), Italy (Genova) and Finland (Espoo, close to Helsinki) and are involved in the vocational education and training of nurses and social care operators.

The aim of the project is to create a mapping of current curricula and competences of home care professionals in Europe and to map these into a comparable EU-wide framework. Starting from there, specific skills and competences needs will be analysed and addressed in modules that can be implemented in presence and e-learning. Three pilot studies will be conducted to implement and evaluate these modules. In addition, a European platform for a virtual Community of Practice will be created to foster exchange of practices and non-formal learning.

Final outcomes

The project envisages 6 main Milestones:

  • the delivery of the pilot version of the EU framework for vocational education and training in the field of home care
  • the delivery of instructional design documents of national vocational education and training pathways targeting different home care professionals
  • the delivery of the overall evaluation report about the implementation of the three teaching pilots
  • the delivery of the final and tested version of the EU framework
  • the delivery of a Virtual Communities of Practice
  • the publication of the final version of Website and Social Media Sites.

AGE involvement

The role of AGE in the consortium is to ensure the quality and dissemination of the project. In terms of quality assessment, AGE chairs the Advisory Board, composed of external experts who advise the project on its deliverables.


  • SI4Life – Project coordinator and regional research consortium for the quality of life of older persons
  • GGallery – publishing house and multimedia group, provider of residential and online training courses
  • Regione Liguria – regulatory public body, creating regulation in the fields of education, employment and healthcare
  • University Vittoria Emanuele II – School providing training and education in the fields of social and health care
  • University of Valladolid – Department for Nursing, Department for Education and ICT Department
  • SGGCYL – Scientific society bringing together 30 different professional specialisations
  • City Council of Valladolid – public institution responsible for social welfare
  • OMNIA – Vocational Education and Training Provider in Espoo
  • SuPer – Finnish Union of Practical Nurses
  • Finnish National Board of Education – responsible for educational policy and the validation of vocational education and training
European Union
  • AGE Platform Europe – umbrella organisations bringing together organisations of and for older citizens in Europe

More information

More information on CARESS:

Reference persons in the AGE Secretariat: Philippe Seidel <> and Borja Arrue Astrain <>

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