Position Paper on Mental Health

28 Juin 2010

AGE Platform Europe welcomes the Conference on “Mental Health and Well-being among Older People – Making it happen”

Since 2005 AGE Platform Europe has been actively involved in the reflection process launched by the European Commission on mental health. In May 2006, AGE issued a contribution to the Green Paper “Improving mental health of the population – Towards a strategy on mental health in the European Union”. In that contribution, we welcomed “the Commission’s initiative to highlight the importance of mental well-being and to examine how best to develop a comprehensive strategy on mental health within the competences of the EU”. In June 2008, AGE was invited to the Conference held for the launch of the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being. At this occasion, we raised the factors which make older people more vulnerable to mental health problems and we proposed some actions to be implemented in order to tackle mental ill-health.

Today, AGE Platform Europe welcomes the Madrid Conference dedicated to one of the five priorities described in the Mental Health Pact, i.e. Mental Health of Older People. We are pleased to be actively involved in this promising Conference. It is a good occasion for us to remind our key messages on this important issue.

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