AGE replies to EU consultation on digital health

ICTforAgeingWell_HSH_project_pictureAGE responded to an EU consultation on Digital Health based on input from its members and AGE Task Force on Healthy Ageing. The purpose of the consultation was to define the need and scope of policy measures that will promote digital innovation in improving people’s health, and address the challenges of our healthcare systems.

In our response, we acknowledge that sharing health data can help in the treatment or prevention of diseases and in the prevention of harmful drug interactions, which can have serious consequences on older persons. Yet, we also insist on the importance of privacy, safety and transparency of health data and on the need to:

  • provide clear information to patients on the access and use of those data;
  • improve digital literacy and fight inequality in access to digital health to have meaningful data;
  • take account of the many different factors that influence health;
  • make sure this technological development is aligned with older persons’ human rights;
  • enhance the dialogue between citizens, healthcare professionals and IT specialists, as technologies has become part of medical practice…

Read AGE full response here (pdf)

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