One fall can make you old in a second! Discover outcome of EU integrated care project

UHCE_report_2017-cover In 2017 the UHCE 2.0 project got its final results and left its legacy for further policy and project development. The project identified evidence-based interventions on frailty, integrated care pathways, polypharmacy, prevention of falls, and subsequently implemented these intervention is the real-life context of 5 European cities (Rijeka, Croatia; Pallini, Greece; Valencia, Spain; Manchester, UK; Rotterdam, Netherlands). About 1250 older citizens were involved and their experiences compared with those of 1250 other older citizens in the same cities who receive ‘usual care’. The UHCE approach is being evaluated in the 5 EU cities/countries regarding process and effects, from the perspective of older citizens and other stakeholders, including reach, implementation integrity, independence, empowerment and health-related quality of life, use-of-care, costs, and appreciation. A transferable and easily implementable model for UHCE integrated care in EU cities was developed.

The overall project’s conclusions are available in the report here.

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