Official resources on COVID-19 vaccination

COVID_vaccine-photo_by_Hakan_Nural_on_Unsplash As part of the European Union’s joint action against COVID-19, a EU-wide vaccination process started at the end of December 2020. The responsibility of the Union is to ensure the provision of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in all EU countries.

Vaccines are authorised after an evaluation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and consultation with the EU Member States. A number of resources on the vaccination in Europe is available. We list a number of them below.

European Commission

European Medicine Agency

World Health Organisation

A dedicated team is working on information materials, tools and trainings to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts around the world. Among the resources available is:

Note that the World Health Organisation’s interim guidance on prioritization clearly states that, along with health workers at high risk of acquiring and transmitting infection, older adults have a large burden of disease and should be prioritized.

A range of COVID-19 vaccine introduction trainings are also available on OpenWHO along with e-learning modules, slide decks, and job aides. Two courses have been released:

For more information, visit our webpage dedicated to:

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