New rules on cheaper and safer payments across EU countries

Financial_services As of 13th January, the revised Payment Services Directive has come into force, which allows consumers to benefit from cheaper, safer and more innovative electronic payments across the European Union.

The new directive prohibits surcharges for most consumer debit and credit card payments made within your home country or in another EU country, including EU countries outside the euro area (where, however, a currency conversion fee may still be charged). Consumers will also be better protected when they make payments since the legislation limits the amount you can be asked to pay if you’re the victim of fraud and sets safer and stricter rules for credit card reservations and direct debits.

Although the revision of the EU rules to better protect EU consumers in financial payment transactions was necessary due to the increasing digitalisation of financial services, progress is still needed to improve the accessibility, affordability and safety of those services for vulnerable consumers including older persons and persons with disability. This issue has been highlighted by AGE in a recent interview.for the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI).

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