New European Open Science Cloud will support research in Europe

EuropeanOpenScienceCloud-logo The European Commission has launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) portal aimed to support research innovation in Europe. This virtual platform, funded under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, will enable European researchers to save, analyse and reuse scientific data online for research and educational purposes.

The EOSC will offer 1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals a virtual environment for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, by federating existing scientific data infrastructures currently dispersed across disciplines and the EU Member States.

Launched by the European ministries for education, science and research in Vienna in November 2018, the Vienna Declaration recognises that such service will create opportunities for both public and private sectors, notably by intensifying reuse of public sector information while preserving data integrity, and ensuring access, transparency within and across borders.

AGE logo Research can help us address key societal challenges, including population ageing. This why AGE is involved in a number of research projects that aim to promote health, independent living and mobility in old age. Allowing research data and outcome to be pooled and shared within the European Union is important to boost innovation and improve the cost-effectiveness of EU investment in that area.

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