MOPACT Active Ageing Forum on 19 May 2014

MOPACT Logo-smallTogether with the University of Sheffield and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), AGE is finalising the organisation of the first MOPACT Active Ageing Forum which will take place in Brussels on Monday 19 May 2014. This event, the first of three annual meetings, will give stakeholders the opportunity to appraise the interim findings of MOPACT, a four-year European project which aims at revising current research on ageing. This article presents some first outputs of the project which will be discussed at the forum.

Conceptual framework and country-specific reports on Extending Working

One of the objectives of MOPACT is to identify innovative, effective, and sustainable private and public-sector strategies that encourage and enable older workers to stay longer in employment and to intensify lifelong learning in the later stages of their working lives. A first conceptual framework has been prepared to identify and assess the best strategies. The project has also already developed country-specific reports on employment for ten European countries: BE, CZ, DN, FI, DE, IT, NL, PL, SP, UK.

Review of Health Life Expectancy across Europe

MOPACT examined trends in Healthy Life Expectancy and health indicators for 27 EU countries among people at ages 50, 65 and 85 years and for men and women. Healthy life expectancy (LE) was expressed in healthy life years, which was defined as the number of years that a person is expected to continue to live without activity limitations. Overall, life expectancy at age 65 in the 27 countries increased between 2007 and 2010 by 0.6 years for men and 0.5 years for women. At the same time, life expectancy without activity limitation (HLY) decreased by 0.2 years for men and women. Similar trends were observed for LE and HLY at ages 50 and 85. At the same time, results showed large variety between the countries in healthy life expectancy and trends in healthy life expectancy. For more information, please download the report here.

Innovation Prospect Report on ICT and built environment needs of older people

MOPACT developed a report which identifies and analyses innovative information and communication technologies, mobility and housing trends which meet the needs of older people. This first report focuses on Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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