Adequate pensions are essential to age in dignity

In November, European pensions stakeholders organised the European Retirement Week, a week of conferences and debates around pensions. As a partner of the European retirement week, AGE highlighted that pensions must protect against poverty and fairly compensate for a lifetime of contributions.

During the launch of European Retirement Week in Brussels on 27 November, 14 European associations presented to EU policymakers key recommendations to ensure pension adequacy for all. The partners of the Retirement Week include representatives of private pension providers, fund managers, social-partner owned pension vehicles on one hand – and consumers, individual investors and beneficiaries on the other side. Each participating association presented their own recommendations for the challenge of safe and adequate pensions in a joint statement.

AGE upheld the following recommendation:

Pensions must ensure income for a life in dignity for the entire lifespan. Statutory pensions must fairly compensate people for their contributions during their prime years, ensure gender equality and solidarity for life events via pension credits for childcare, informal care, unemployment, sickness, disability or other types of exclusion from the labour market. Pensions must guarantee economic security as people age through regular and automatic adaptations to the evolution of living costs and incomes.




Policy Manager on Social Protection and European Parliament Liaison

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