Keep Me Posted EU re-affirms the right to choose in the COVID-19 era


In a fast digitalized society, giving older persons the right to choose how they want to receive important information is essential to avoid increasing social and financial exclusion of persons who are most at risk. This is even more true since COVID-19.

Digitalisation continues to transform many aspects of our personal, social and professional lives. But not everyone has access to the internet or digital devices. In Europe, 10% of people have never used the internet and do not have an internet connection – rising to as high as 25% in some countries. And an average of 30% either have no, or have lower than basic, digital skills (Eurostat, 2019). This is around 133 million people for whom it would be very challenging, or impossible, to receive information digitally. Highly represented in these figures are older, disabled or chronically ill people and their carers, as well as those living in poverty or facing financial insecurity.

In this time of pandemic the campaign Keep Me Posted EU recalls that giving citizens the right to choose between paper or digital communication will ensure that Europe’s digital transition will leave nobody behind.

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