Joint report highlights cities’ lack of friendliness for visually impaired seniors

With the support of AGE Platform Europe, the European Blind Union and the European Guide Dog Federation have produced a report entitled A Tale of Three Cities, which looks at the experiences of a cross section of blind and partially sighted older people in three European cities: Tullamore in Ireland, Salzburg in Austria and Marseille in France. On the basis of specific criteria, the report examines the experiences of older people in adapting to poor vision and their efforts to take part in the communities in which they live.

The report reveals the lack of consistency is a recurring barrier to mobility and participation and that new technology remain hardly used, more due to a lack of training than to a lack of access. As for guide dogs, although they are recognised useful to facilitate mobility and social inclusion, their costs remain a barrier.

The document also provides a toolkit which can be used both by agencies working with older people and those specifically supporting people with a serious sight loss.

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