Joint AGE workshop on the protection and support for victims of elder abuse

On the occasion of the 12th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

09:30 – 15:30

Elder abuse remains a hidden reality despite the worrying levels of prevalence across Europe. According to WHO, about 3% of older persons in Europe suffer maltreatment in the community, and this can affect up to 25% of older persons with high care needs. However, underreporting is estimated to reach about 80% of cases of abuse. The lack of awareness about available protection mechanisms prevents both victims and those who witness or suspect abuse from accessing victim support and protection services. Moreover, the latter are often unaware of the realities faced by older persons who suffer abuse and violence and the specific needs of older victims.

This workshop will bring together older persons and their organisations, stakeholders, experts as well as victim support organisations and policymakers, to raise awareness of the specificities of elder abuse, share good practices and experiences in the support and protection of victims of elder abuse, explore the possible interventions – and the advantages and limits of each of them – and discuss how the European Union 2012 Directive on Victims Rights can contribute to improving such support and protection.

This will be a participatory, round-table-like event, and AGE will deliver on the basis of the discussions a set of recommendations for victim support services and policymakers on how to better reach out to victims of elder abuse and better protect and support them.

  • Registration: this is a small format workshop and attendance is limited. If you wish to attend, please send an email to Borja Arrue, AGE Project and Policy Officer responsible for long-term care and elder abuse,
  • Concept note and agenda: you can consult the concept note of the workshop as well as the agenda.

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