Joining forces for accessible payment terminals

Pay-Able logo In the framework of the European Accessibiliy Act, proposed by the European Commission end 2015 and now discussed by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, AGE has joined the “Pay-Able” platform which seeks to make barrier free access to payment terminals for everyone in Europe. The initiative has been launched by Oogvereniging (Eye Association Netherlands), as part of the Working Group on Accessibility of the Dutch National Forum on the Payment System, and the European Blind Union.

Although more than 44 billion transactions a year take place through payment terminals, which makes it the most commonly used form of electronic payment, it is not clearly included in the proposal of the European Accessibility Act. This is why Pay-Able, with the support of AGE Platform Europe and many other stakeholders, is tabling amendments to the European Parliament in order to make sure the future Directive will cover payment terminals.

Pay-Able and AGE are also collaborating together to move forward this agenda within the Euro-Retail Payment Board (ERPB), an entity of the European Central Bank which AGE is part of to represent consumers. Its objective is to contribute to and to facilitate the further development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for euro retail payments in the European Union.

For more information, visit the Pay-Able website: or contact

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