Interview of Anne-Sophie Parent by the BBC World Service

Janvier 2010

Social networks websites, like Facebook or MySpace, are very popular nowadays. SAGA has therefore created an online community “SAGA Zone” targeting people 50+ only as this group is becoming increasingly computer literate. The BBC World Service devoted a news item to this in their programme “Europe Today”.

Anne-Sophie Parent, Director of AGE, was asked to give her opinion on this new online community. Anne-Sophie Parent explained that people over 50 are in general not reluctant to embrace digital technology, but are instead very keen to use and access information and services on the internet. She encouraged the creation of those sites, as older people may feel more comfortable to go to a website tailored to their needs in terms of accessibility and information. The more older people learn to use those websites, the keener they will become in accessing other sites.

If you want to hear Anne-Sophie Parent, Director of AGE, being interviewed on the radio, please click here. The news item runs from 50:05 to 53:55 minutes, with Anne-Sophie Parent being interviewed at 51:36 minutes.

To participate in SAGA Zone please click here

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