International workshop on telemedicine, home monitoring and personal health systems reports on situation in EU and US

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) held an eHealth workshop in Nice on 6 May. The event brought together high level speakers from Europe, the United States as well as participants from various places around the world to analyze the situation of telemedicine, home monitoring and personal health systems worldwide.

It came out of the meeting that healthcare solutions based on the use of Information and Communication Technologies are already available but that incentives for use are necessary to its development. Reimbursement, as applied in some UE states, is therefore a crucial element.

Two success stories in Portugal (the Medigraf solution from Portugal Telecom) and in Denmark (the MedCom platform) were presented on that occasion, together with the outcome of a EU-funded project (EU PHS Foresight) which identified gaps in personal health systems and proposed recommendations.

Read a short report of this workshop at:

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