i-PROGNOSIS Newsletter #5: help Parkinson’s early detection with this new app!

The i-PROGNOSIS project released the iPrognosis application in Greece, Germany, Portugal and the UK as part of a new research study aiming to improve the early detection of Parkinson’s disease. If you are over 40 years, living in the aforementioned countries, download the application for free for the Google Play Store.

iPrognosis app The iPrognosis app in a nutshell

By downloading the iPrognosis app, you will donate data to the “GData” study, towards the development of early Parkinson’s disease detection tests. The iPrognosis app will record data from your everyday use of the smartphone, e.g., when talking on the phone or sending a text message. Data recorded will be pseudo-anonymised and uploaded securely on the Cloud when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. You can choose what is being recorded and withdraw at anytime.

About the GData study

The GData study takes place in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Greece via the iPrognosis application available on the Google Play Store. Learn more about the study by reading the general information provided below in English; you can navigate through the different sections using the links below. If you prefer to read the information in your language, click on the corresponding country below.

Read i-PROGNOSIS Newsletter #5

For more information on i-PROGNOSIS:
https://age-platform.eu/project/i-prognosis or contact Estelle Huchet

For more information on AGE position on healthy ageing:

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