How can digital innovation prevent frailty in old age? – FrailSafe final conference


AGE Platform Europe, dissemination partner of the FrailSafe project, organised the final conference of the project at the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) house in Brussels on the 3 April 2019, bringing together older people, informal carers, researchers, industry, policy makers and health professionals to show-case the results and benefits of the project.

AGE Secretary General Anne-Sophie Parent acted as moderator when the first panel explained how technology is a tool to support independent living among older people and enables them to remain an active actor in society and their community – notwithstanding the importance of social interaction and care.

The second panel focused on the importance of addressing frailty as early as possible, providing tools and recommendations on how to ensure frailty is properly assessed and managed, encouraging Members States and health professionals to adopt a preventive approach, rather than a curative approach.

AGE member Joke de Ruiter, Older Women’s network Europe, talked about her own experience with frailty and falls, and how an integrated, comprehensive approach focused on older persons is needed:

“The FrailSafe smartvest can be used as a great prevention tool! As we all know, prevention is less expensive then curing. Knowing earlier about the cause of frailty can enable us to take measures. It can save pain, inconvenience and costs.”

The further contributions went into more detail on the project’s background and providing insights into the FrailSafe solution’s innovative aspects and benefits for older persons, the target users, as well as their families.

With the organization of the final conference, the FrailSafe project and AGE’s contribution to the project have been concluded. AGE has supported the project in communication and dissemination efforts by involving AGE members, exploring the potential of the FrailSafe system to improve older person’s quality of life and supporting activities raising the visibility of the project itself. Having presented the final prototype of the smart vest and the FrailSafe integrated system at the conference, AGE is looking forward to the product’s future contribution to support independent living among older people.

The final conference report can be accessed on the FrailSafe website

If you want to know more about the FrailSafe solution, please have a look here

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