Homes must fit our lives: help us design an adequate certification

The Homes4Life project is developing a set of criteria to guide the construction or renovation of homes that will enable us to age at home. You can suggest pilot sites to test the certification and ensure it meets the diversity of users’ needs and lifestyles.


Living environments have a tremendous impact on people’s health. Ensuring their suitability and adaptability to people’s needs and preferences – including when those needs and preferences evolve over time – is one of the most effective approaches to respond to the challenges of Europe’s ageing demographics. This is the challenge the new Homes4Life project decided to take up by developing the first European certification scheme for age-friendly housing.

Together with the other partners of the Homes4Life consortium, AGE is currently working on defining a European certification scheme to support the development of homes that meet older persons’ needs and requirements. Older adults were present in the workshop organised in June 2019 to present the project preliminary research of what exists and discuss the first set of criteria to be included in the certification.

In the upcoming year of the project, the first draft of certification will be tested in different regions of Europe. We are currently looking for demo sites (buildings) for the validation phase. Should you want to hear more about it or should you like to suggest one, do not hesitate to contact Nhu Tram or Estelle Huchet

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