Help improve accessibility of websites through crowd sourcing

EIII logoAGE Platform Europe is part of the European Internet Inclusion Initiative (EIII), a project that aims to improve accessibility to online services. One of the objectives of the project is to investigate whether crowd sourcing can be a way to check the accessibility of websites.

For that purpose, we have created an on-line survey in order to gather insight about whether the accessibility of public websites can be tested or improved in that way. The crowd will include web users with or without disabilities. Through this survey we want to gather some useful information (e.g. list of web addresses) regarding public websites in Europe and how accessible people think they are.

Moreover, we want to gather a first group of volunteers that will help by participating in future studies related to this project and also to try the user testing tool that we are currently developing.

Another purpose of the survey is to get an insight about web users’ motivation for participation into the project as this will help us design the system according to user needs.

The survey can be found here:

Read more about our efforts on the project website:

For more information, please contact Daniel Holmberg,

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