Focus on the older adult’s individual needs: the added value of e-Vita

“I think the (project) findings will be useful for other people working in robotics and AI.”(…) “Everybody is different… I think it’s quite valuable in that way to have company to remind you to do things that you would otherwise have forgotten.”

Liz_Mestheneos Former AGE President Elizabeth Mestheneos is a sociologist and strong profile in the field of research around Active and Healthy Ageing. She is also a member of the Ethical Board of the European – Japanese project eVITA “Virtual Coach for smart ageing”.
In a new podcast, Mrs Mestheneos explains the added value of the project and the relevance of a virtual coach for older people. She further provides her recommendations to developers and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), ICT development, and robotics. In particular she emphasises the need to take into account the rights and preferences of older people by considering older people as individuals and not as homogenous group of people with the same wishes, needs and challenges.

The podcast is available in English on Spotify and Soundcloud platforms. It is the first one from three episodes.

eVITA is aimed to design a virtual coach system that will improve the well-being of older adults and support them to age well at home.

Since January 2021, AGE has been partner in the project in charge of the communication and dissemination of the project’s work.

To know more about eVITA, please have a look at our last newsletter (pdf) and the website of the project.

For more information on AGE involvement in the project, you may contact Marine Luc, or Vera Hoermann,

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