First prototype digital district guide for older people published in German

MobilAge_guide_Bremen-image The Mobile Age project, of which AGE is a partner, is currently developing and testing co-creation methodologies to improve older persons’ access to public services thanks to open data and mobile applications. One of its field sites, Bremen, has just released a digital district guide, which was developed with a group of 11 older adults from the district of Osterholz from May 2016 to February 2017. This guide provides information on 17 beautiful places and paths as well as more than 70 institutions from the fields of culture, sports, meeting and counselling. It is meant to help all older persons living in the neighborhood to easily move around via age-friendly routes, get information on available facilities, and doing so benefit from new opportunities for social interactions. The guide is available on the official city portal of Bremen, which is an excellent sign for future exploitation of the project’s outcomes.

You can find the guide (in German) here

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