Exploring opportunities in the ageing agenda in Europe


Last 23 June, AGE supported and participated in a seminar organised by the World Bank to explore opportunities in the ageing agenda in Europe and aise awareness on the urgent need to support and promote healthy ageing.

Speakers and participants exchanged on a range of country examples and numerous policy implications, emphasizing the need for consensus on how to organize care to address growing inequities.

Three key issues were addressed :

  • Policy level interventions to tackle inequalities and support life-long investments,
  • The organization of services supporting healthy aging and longevity
  • EU and country level financing opportunities

The seminar addressed the issues we will face in the coming years, namely more demand, more people, more workers and more specific needs to be met. The presence of a member of the Cabinet of the EU Vice President for Democracy and Demography and specialists from the World Bank and World Health Organisation allowed us to reflect on these issues on a regional and global scale. Additionally, the interventions from scientific, policy, NGO representatives and provider communities from diverse European countries, gave the opportunity to hear and share about diverse country-level experiences. Among them, several delegates from AGE member organisations and network from the Basque region to Poland intervened. Inspiring interventions also allowed reflection on the current need and the challenges for older women and informal carers in the years to come, but also on the need to empower people in the development of their own life plans. Governments must continue to implement and strengthen their policies to ensure healthy aging and guarantee that the benefits of living longer are available to all.

For more information, you can contact Sarah Loriato, sarah.loriato@age-platform.eu

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