Innovative Tools to Engage Older Adults in Managing Their Health – Workshop

Organized as part of the SMILE Horizon 2020 project, the workshop will bring together experts, policymakers, social and healthcare sector representatives, and organisations from the field of ageing to explore strategies to leverage digital tools to empower older adults to manage their health.

Attendees will learn about innovative healthcare models such as The Epital Care Model (ECM) using digital technology and the Readiness and Enablement Index for Health Technology (READHY) instrument. The agenda includes sessions on the practical application of the ECM model in healthcare organizations and the use of READHY for the stratification of users to reduce inequity in digital transformation, particularly among older adults.

The SMILE project is led by a consortium of 13 partners from the EU and Canada and is aimed to supports older adults with severe health conditions in ‘ageing in place’.

The workshop will be hosted at the Greater Copenhagen EU Office in Brussels.

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